1st Call for ordinary project proposals: Article 6 “Eligible Partnerships” Clarification

Following a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs of this site) that have been posed to the Managing Authority, the Monitoring Committee of the ETCP INTERREG V-A "Greece – Italy 2014-2020" decided via written procedure, the following clarification in article 6 of the 1st Call for Ordinary Proposals.

“In case of universities and research institutes the  limitation set in Article 6 of the 1st Call for Ordinary Proposals, that each applicant can participate as Lead beneficiary in no more than one project proposal per specific objective, is considered per specific objective and per department”.

Access codes for the electronic submission of Proposals

The electronic submission for proposals for the 1st Call for Ordinary Project Proposals of the Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A "Greece – Italy 2014-2020", has started.

We urge you to submit* two separate request of user access codes for the electronic submission, with different levels of Access Rights. One with Access Right of: "Submission of a new proposal-Υποβολή αίτησης χρηματοδότησης ΤΔΠ" and one with Access Right of: "Submission of progress reports/Υποβολή δελτίων" or "Entry/Καταχώρηση" in order to guarantee the level of security of the submitted proposals.

*Concerns the form “Application form for user login“ which is appendix of “User guide for completing the electronic application form”.

You can download here the new version of a detailed user guide 1.3 for completing the electronic application form in the framework of the 1st call for ordinary project proposals. The changes are listed in chapters 1,2,3.8,3.11,3.12.

You can also find here a new sample printing proposal, which corresponds to the annex 5 (Printing – simplified proposal model) of the above-mentioned guide.



Update package of the 1st Call for Ordinary Project Proposals

As part of the optimization of documents and for the convenience of applicants, the Managing Authority of the Interreg V-A "Greece-Italy 2014-2020" Programme has uploaded the whole package of the 1st Call for Ordinary Project Proposals.

In the zipped files below, there are updated versions of some documents with light modifications. In particular:

  • In Supporting documents there are updated versions of Programme and project manual,Project selection criteria and the Summary Budget Limits for the Call
  • In Applicant package there is an updated version of B1-PARTNERSHIP DECLARATION document
  • In User guide for the MIS there are all the improvements that have been made so far to the information system (MIS).

Diwenload here the Call text, the Applicant package and all Supporting documents

Diwnload here the User guide of the MIS and all of its annexes

Gradually in the coming days, all applicants will receive both the body and user login codes.

Info-day for the 1st Call for Ordinary Project Proposals in Italy

The 1st Call for Ordinary Project Proposals is now officially open. The Managing Authority (MA) of the Programme and the Puglia region, as the National Italian Authority of the Programme, are organizing an Info Day event in Bari on 27th September.

The goal of the Info Day eventsis to briefly present the Terms of References of the 1st Call.


Click here to download the agenda of the Info Day.


Presentations of the info-days on the 1st Call

The Managing Authority (MA) of the INTERREG V-A "Greece-Italy 2014-2020" Cooperation Programme organized on 6th ,7th and 9th of  September 2016,  info-days held in Patras, Argostoli and Ioannina respectively, in the framework of the 1st call for Ordinary Project Proposals.

Please find and read the presentations!

Brief description of the Programme

1st Call for Ordinary Project Proposals

Programme and project manual

Selection criteria


Information and Publicity

Eligibility rules

 Patra 1


Patra 2





 Ioannina 1


 Ioannina 2


*The goal of the Info Day events is to briefly present the new Greece-Italy Cooperation Programme to the potential beneficiaries, to present and discuss the 1st Call for Ordinary Project Proposals and answer relevant questions. The Info Day events are also an excellent opportunity for on the spot partner search, project idea generation and networking possibilities.