Project Implementation Documents

The following documents provide essential information to all bodies interested in:

  • applying for funding under the European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece - Italy 2007-2013” and
  • implementing a project which has been selected for funding.

For each category of documents, Project Partners should consult the documents relevant to the Call under which the project was approved as well as any updated version, which may be found here below:

Project Manual
Application Form
Partnership Declaration
Co-financing Statement and Non Double Financing
Declaration of Not Generating Revenues
Justification of Budget Costs
Budget Justification Instructions
Maturity Sheet
Compatibility Check Sheet with SEA
Environmental Indicators
Project Selection Criteria
Partnership Agreement
Subsidy Contract
Progress Report 

Guidance on management verifications for the OP Greece Italy  
This document provides general guidance for the first level controllers and the beneficiaries Guidance on management verifications for the OP Greece Italy.

Instructions for the Guidance on Management Verifications (Table of Expenditure)
This document provides information on how to fill in the Table of Expenditure (Annex III of the Guidance on Management Verifications). The Table of Expenditure is filled in by the beneficiary except from the grey fields which are filled in by the controller.

Information and Publicity Guidelines for Project Partners
The "Information and Publicity Guidelines for Project Partners" established the conditions and procedure for notification and disclosure of grading and use of the European Territorial Cooperation Programme "Greece-Italy 2007-2013" funds (by the European Union-European Regional Developments Fund) and for clearly indentifying actions financed by them.

Information note on fraud indicators for ERDF, ESF and the Cohesion Fund

Identification of suspected fraud
In the framework of monitoring and implementation of the approved projects of the Programme, the Managing Authority has issued clarifications on identification of suspected fraud to all Lead Partners. These clarifications are based on the “Information Note on Fraud Indicators for ERDF, ESF and CF” (COCOF 09/003/00-EL) which has already been uploaded on our website since 8/9/2011.

Ministerial Decision for Management and Control System – for Greek Partners (ΥΠΑΣΥΔ)

Specific Guidelines on the Eligibility of Expenditure (for Greek Partners)

Project Closure Manual

The Project Closure Manual of the ETCP "Greece-Italy" 2007-2013 (approved by the Monitoring Committee) describes the procedure of closure and indicates the relevant tasks to be performed by the Lead Partners and the MA/JTS. The template of the Project Final Report is also included (Annex I).

Project Closure Manual - Annex I (word)