GUIDEPORT: Patras Port Authority (project partner) got a plus signed appraisal from the EC Auditors

The Patras Port Authority (PPA), participating in GUIDEPORT project, got a plus signed appraisal from the European Commission Auditors who monitored the implementation of Directive No 2005/65/EC in the Patras Port Authority and the application of Regulation (EC) No 725/2004 in their Port Facilities last April 2015.This Directive on port security, together with the aforementioned Regulation on ship and port facility security, provide the necessary framework for protecting the whole chain of maritime transport logistics (from the ship to the port via the ship/port interface and the whole port area) against the risk of unlawful attacks on EU territory.

As a result of this EC acknowledgement the PPA Security System Management became commended as member of two ESPO(European Sea Ports Organisation) Committees, charged with the drafting of Good Practices in the field of

  • “Customs/Border Control & Security” for both Cruise & Ferry topics and
  • “Security (cost of implementing regulations, actual security of cars/drivers)” for Ferry topics.

Moreover, the Patras Port Facility Security Officer PSO/PFSO has affirmed the significance of GUIDEPORT project, funded by EU-ERDF, under the ETCP “Greece-Italy 2007-2013”, as a factor that enhances Patras Port Authority orientation towards an Integrated Transportation Chain Security System, which according to the Organization’s view, highlights a European perspective of crucial importance.

In this framework, the GUIDEPORT project has been of added value to the Patras Port Security services, offering tangible results to the Programme area via its technological tools that improve the operation of seaports and near port urban areas.