The European Commissioner, Ms. K.Kretsou, participated in a conference held in the Valley of Acheloos

The European Commissioner, Ms. Korina Kretsou, responsible for EU’s Regional Policies, was invited as keynote speaker at the conference: "The growth potential of EU’s Regional Policy", held in the Valley of Acheloos, on 22 May 2015.


The event was organized by the Region of Western Greece in Perdikaki, in cooperation with the Regions of Epirus, Thessaly and Central Greece.The conference was attended by the Regional Governors of Western Greece, Mr. Apostle Katsifaras, Epirus, Mr. Alexander Kachrimanis, Central Greece, Mr. Kostas Bakoyannis and Crete, Mr. Stavros Arnaoutakis. During the event, the European Commissioner expressed her support to Greece and encouraged regional governors to submit projects with innovative ideas that will create jobs, especially for young people.

Ms. Kretsou also visited the historic monastery “Selstou” and the ruins of the bridge “Korakou” and underlined the importance of historical and religious sites for Greece's religious tourism".