LA BOTTEGA II / La Bottega delle Voci – Centro di Produzione Teatrale II

Title: La Bottega delle Voci – Centro di Produzione Teatrale II
Priority axis: 3 Improving the quality of life, protection of the environment and enhancement of social and cultural cohesion
Specific Objective: 3.1 Promotion of cultural and natural heritage
Lead Partner: Region of Western Greece
Partner 2: Public Apulian Theatre Consortium
Partner 3: Apulia Region
Partner 4: Region of Ionian Islands / Regional Unit of Corfu
Partner 5: Region of Epirus
Partner 6: Municipal & Regional Theatre of Patras - Social Welfare Enterprise
Partner 7: Municipal & Regional Theatre of Corfu
Partner 8: Theatro Tsi Zakinthos – Avlaia Texnis
Budget: 1.466.500,00 €
Description: The specific project is the continuation of a previous project implemented during INTERREG IIIA Greece-Italy 2000-2006. The overall target is to create a concrete and sustainable network between the partners that will encourage the theatrical and generally cultural exchange among them, facilitate the professionals and assist the cultural development in both countries. Project’s methodology concerns: • Development of tools to support the network operation • Creation of workshops (technical, artistic, administrative), regarding issues in the framework of the operation of the project and exchange of knowledge / best practices • Production of theatrical plays
Project details:
Call No: 1st
Protocol No: 02/11/2012
Signature date of the Contract: 22/02/2012
Subsidy Code: I1.31.10