GAIA / Generalized Automatic exchange of port Information Area

Acronym: GAIA
Title: Generalized Automatic exchange of port Information Area
Priority axis: 2. Improve accessibility to sustainable networks and services
Specific Objective: 2.2. Improvement of transport, information and communication networks and services
Lead Partner: Port Authority of Bari
Partner 2: Polytechnic of Bari
Partner 3: Port Authority of Igoumenitza
Partner 4: Patras Science Park S.A
Budget: 1,873,000.00 €
Description: The project is based on a comprehensive vision of the Adriatic port system, which integrates many actors that operate beetween the two side of Adriatic sea. In this framework, an issue that takes on particular importance is the consolidation and the development of Systems Information that allows the secure exchange of information about security and travelers. This is a key instrument that will allow a more efficient decision-making of local port authority as well as other public actors. On this basis the main aim of the project is the development of a central informative node (trans-adriatic ports informative node) to allow a secure interchange and sharing of information among ports within the Adriatic Sea. Such information will be related to both ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) Code and transportation traffic information for intermodality. The outputs consist of the following: • A set of services to deliver secure information to authorized users • Services for intermodality accessible via web (desktop computers and mobile devices) • A system called GAIA, giving info related to passengers flows managements, event managements, intermodality • A more accurate application of security protocols for ports, info about every single delay and or problem during the trip.
Project details:
Call No: 1st
Protocol No: 8471/10-11-2009
Signature date of the Contract: 11/02/2012
Subsidy Code: I1.22.01