T.HE.T.A / Technological Tools for the Promotion of Transadriatic Archeological Heritage

Acronym: T.HE.T.A
Title: Technological Tools for the Promotion of Transadriatic Archeological Heritage
Priority axis: 3. Improving the quality of life, protection of the environment and enhancement of Social and cultural cohesion
Specific Objective: 3.1: Promotion of social and cultural integration
Lead Partner: National Research Council (CNR)-Institute for Applied Mathematics
Partner 2: Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Puglia
Partner 3: Ephorate of Antiquities of Corfu
Partner 4: Teseo Centre, Art and Science creativity
Partner 5: IRIS - Social Cooperative Society
Budget: 1.371.766,00 € €

Greece and Italy are characterized by a significant number of historical and cultural resources that need an adequate network of services in order to develop successfully cultural tourism. Thus, the project aims to promote the cultural and social heritage of the two eligible areas through the deployment of services and the preservation and protection of the archaeological sites of Monte Sannace (Bari) and Paleopolis (Corfu), attracting more tourists.

The strategic objectives are: 1. strengthening joint operations of the archaeological heritage 2. sharing models of innovation, which can contribute to employment growth and job creation 3. promoting cohesion policy and integration, through the exchange of experience, resources and expertise.

The common operational objectives are: 1.undertaking activities for the enhancement of archaeological sites 2. improving services for tourist promotion, through the use of new technologies (e.g. websites) 3. developing activities / workshops and educational programmes targeted to students and young people 4. organizing cultural events 5. increasing the tourist demand 6. defining protocols and/or twinning programs of the institutional actors in order to capitalize experience and create a better future for the eligible areas of reference.

Project details:
Call No: 1st
Protocol No: 8098/02/11/ 2009
Signature date of the Contract: 26/01/2012
Subsidy Code: I1.31.07