SUMMIT / Sustainable Urban Mobility Management Information Technologies

Acronym: SUMMIT
Title: Sustainable Urban Mobility Management Information Technologies
Priority axis: 2. Improve accessibility to sustainable networks and services
Specific Objective: 2.2. Improvement of transport, information and communication networks and services
Lead Partner: Patras Municipal Enterprise For Planning And Development S.A.
Partner 2: Municipality of Bari
Partner 3: Municipality of Brindisi
Partner 4: Municipality of Corfu Enterprise for Common Welfare
Partner 5: Research Academic Computer Technology Institute
Budget: 1.761.200,00 €
Description: The project deals with the traffic congestion of cities with big commercial ports and aims at reducing pollution through the deployment of an advanced mobility management information system based on ICT. It will also improve integration between transport modes and better interconnection of existing networks, providing mainly: • A study about the appropriate ICT solutions for mobility management and a common methodology for implementation • Design of innovative models for mobility management:1 plan for urban freight mobility management in Bari; 3 drafts of executable designs for mobility information systems (Bari, Brindisi, Patras); 1 plan for the integration of mobility services in Corfu • Creation of 2 e-services (logistics information services) to promote accessibility • Implementation of pilot applications of produced ICT solutions and methodologies : mobility information system in Bari, Brindisi and Patras; virtual laboratory for sustainable urban mobility in Corfu.
Project details:
Call No: 2nd
Protocol No: 8073/2-11-12
Signature date of the Contract: 02/03/2012
Subsidy Code: I1.22.04