Launch of the four targeted calls for strategic project proposals

The four targeted calls for strategic project proposal have been launched. The calls are opened on the following Priority Axes:

  • the first and the second targeted calls on Priority Axis 2 Integrated Environmental Management,Specific Objective 2.1 “Valorisation of cultural heritage and natural resources as a territorial asset of the Programme Area”
  • 1st Targeted Call Gr-It
  • 2nd Targeted Call Gr-It


  • the third targeted call on Priority Axis 2 Integrated Environmental Management Specific Objective 2.2, “Improvement of joint management and governance plans for biodiversity of coastal and rural ecosystems, paying attention on natural resources and protected areas and development of environmental
  • 3rd Targeted Call Gr-It


  • the fourth targeted call on Priority Axis 3 Cross Border and Sustainable Transport System, Specific Objective 3.1 “Boosting maritime transport, short-sea shipping capacity and cross-border ferry connectivity”.
  • 4th Targeted Call Gr-It

The deadline is 21st of December 2018, (24:00 Italian time).

You can download the following documents: