Help Desk

The objective of the “Helpdesk” is to provide a dynamic, direct and flexible procedure for assisting the beneficiaries of the Programme during the implementation of their projects and connect them with the Managing Authority (MA), the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS), the Cross-Border Info Point in Italy and the First Level Control (FLC) bodies. It will be the single point for addressing any kind of questions, general or project specific, regarding administrative or financial issues of both countries participating in the Programme such as:

  • Eligibility of expenditures,
  • Projects’ administrative procedures,
  • Costs’ verification,
  • Payment Procedures, etc

The beneficiary needs to check the FAQs, in order to examine whether his/her question has been already answered. In case there is no similar issue tackled the beneficiary shall send/attach the predefined form available below to the JTS email account with the Subject “Project Implementation Helpdesk”. The beneficiary will receive an answer to his/ her email and the FAQ list will be updated accordingly if necessary.

The “Helpdesk” will provide answers only to approved projects implementation issues that are not stated in the Project Manual attached to the Calls of the Programme. For the technical issues of the projects (modifications, technical assistance, etc) the JTS of the Programme and the assigned Project officers for each project have to be contacted.

Download this form and send your query at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.