European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece - Italy 2007 - 2013

The cross-border European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece-Italy 2007-2013” was approved by the European Commission on 28/03/2008 by Decision C(2008)1132/ 28/03/2008.

Τhe general objective of the OP Cross-Border Cooperation «Greece – Italy» for the Programming Period 2007 – 2013 is “To strengthen the competitiveness and territorial cohesion in the programme area towards sustainable development by linking the potential on both sides of the cross-border maritime line”.

This general objective will be achieved through the following strategic objectives:

Strategic Objective 1: Support for sustainable economic growth by focusing on common comparative advantages
Strategic Objective 2: Improve the accessibility to networks and services in the cooperation area so as to enhance mobility of people and goods
Strategic Objective 3: Improve the quality of life, preserve and effectively manage the environment and increase social and cultural cohesion

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