FAQs on Calls for Proposals
While a Call for Project Proposals is open, potential partners have the possibility to submit questions concerning the Call, to require clarification on documents to be included in the application pack and so forth. For the Calls issued so far, several clarification questions were submitted. These questions have been recorded and answered. Please find below the relevant links.


1st Call for Ordinary Project Proposals

1st set of Frequently Asked Questions

2nd set of Frequently Asked Questions

3rd set of Frequently Asked Questions

4th set of Frequently Asked Questions

5th set of Frequently Asked Questions

6th set of Frequently Asked Questions



1st Call
General questions
Submission of documents
Budget and eligibility expenditure
Eligibility of partnership
Other questions

3rd Call
Questions on the 3rd Call for Proposals 

Call for Strategic Project Proposlas
1st set of FAQs

2nd set of FAQs

3rd set of FAQs

4rth set of FAQs


FAQs on Project Implementation
Please visit the Project Implementation Documents.

For any question regarding project implementation please address your questions to the HELPDESK