European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece-Italy 2007-2013”

Basic Information on the Cross-border Cooperation Programme

The cross-border European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece-Italy 2007-2013” was approved by the European Commission on 28/03/2008 by Decision C(2008)1132/ 28/03/2008.  


The total budget (ERDF and national contribution) for the European Territorial Programme “Greece-Italy 2007-2013” is €117,133,992. The total financing consists of €87,850,494 (75%) ERDF funding and €29,283,498 (25%) national contribution.

Eligible area

The eligible area of the Programme consists of Region of Western Greece (Prefectures of Aitoloakarnania and Achaia), Region of Ionian Islands (Prefectures of Corfu, Lefkada, Cephalonia and Zakynthos) and Region of Epirus (Prefectures of Ioannina, Preveza and Thesportia) in Greece and the Region of Apulia (Provinces of Bari, Brindisi and Lecce) in Italy. The Prefectures of Ilia and Arta in Greece and the Provinces of Taranto and Foggia in Italy have been included as adjacent territories.

Map Gr-It

General objective – Strategic objectives

Τhe general objective of the OP Cross-Border Cooperation «Greece – Italy» for the Programming Period 2007 – 2013 is “To strengthen the competitiveness and territorial cohesion in the programme area towards sustainable development by linking the potential on both sides of the cross-border maritime line”.

This general objective will be achieved through the following strategic objectives:

Strategic Objective 1: Support for sustainable economic growth by focusing on common comparative advantages
Strategic Objective 2: Improve the accessibility to networks and services in the cooperation area so as to enhance mobility of people and goods
Strategic Objective 3: Improve the quality of life, preserve and effectively manage the environment and increase social and cultural cohesion

Priority Axes

These three Strategic Objectives are defined in the relevant Priority Axes, with more special objectives for each one of them that are the following:

  • Priority Axis 1: “Strengthening competitiveness and innovation”
    • Specific Objective 1.1: Strengthening interaction between research, innovation and entrepreneurship
    • Specific Objective 1.2: Promoting cross-board advanced new technologies
  • Priority Axis 2: “Improve accessibility to sustainable networks and services”
    • Specific Objective 2.1: Promotion of cross-border integrated and sustainable connections
    • Specific Objective 2.2:  Improvement of transport, information and communication networks and services
  • Priority Axis 3: “Improving the quality of life, protection of the environment and enhancement of Social and cultural cohesion”
    • Specific Objective 3.1: Promotion of social and cultural integration
    • Specific Objective 3.2: Valorization & improvement of joint protection & management of natural resources, prevention of natural and technological risks
    • Specific Objective 3.3: Protection of health.
  • Priority Axis 4: “Technical Support for Implementation” (with a horizontal character).
    • Specific Objective 4.1: Support to the management, monitoring, implementation and audit of the programme’s operations
    • Specific Objective 4.2: Support for the broad publicity and information of the programme


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