Interreg Teleicce: Conference “The smart use of digital: promoting new skills for training and work”

On 6 October 2020, the conference “The smart use of digital: promoting new skills for training and work” will take place in Bari at Fiera del Levante (Institutional Pavilion of Puglia Region n. 152 – Room 3). The initiative is part of the project “TELEICCE – Promotion of teleworking and massive open online course (MOOC)

“Coastal planning and the pilot case of Ugento”: on 28 September Triton online dissemination event

Bioengineering interventions, including beach nourishment, restoration of dune lines and dredging of the fishing port, to mitigate the erosion effects and preserve the landscape of one of the most appreciated and naturalistically relevant stretches of the Apulian coast. This is the experience carried out in Ugento, identified as a pilot case within Triton project: it

“Dialogues of the Sea”: Exhibition of Interreg Polysemi 28 Sept-10 Oct

The exhibition “Dialogues of the Sea” by Giulia Napoleone will take place at the atrium of the Multifunctional Center for Students of the University of Bari Aldo Moro, from 28 September to 10 October 2020. The exhibition, entitled “Dialogues of the sea”, is part of the activities organized within the Interreg Greece-Italy Polysemi project, aimed

Interreg Traces Save the date: Creativity Trade Fair 9-10 october (Digital Edition)

The Creativity Trade Fair kicks off on October 9th and 10th, the first transnational and official fair for the cultural and creative sector. Two days with the professionals of culture and creativity, to promote a networking between artistic and creative competences, technical, scientific and entrepreneurial skills, supplier and investors to create together a future of

“Pontos. the sea that unites”: review of sounds and words from the Mediterranean

The University of Foggia and the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto-MArTA organize “Pontos. The sea that unites”, a review of artistic events linked to the culture of the sea, community and identity thanks to the project FISH&CHIPS – Fisheries and Cultural Heritage, Identity, Participated Societies. Concerts and theatrical performance are planned in collaboration with theatrical

Re-water International workshop in Patras: wastewater Recycling

The Department of Environment & Energy of University of Patras, partner of Interreg Re-water project organizes an international workshop “Reuse of treated wastewater… the solution to address water resources scarcity” that will be held on 16 September (h. 9.00) in Patras Hotel Byzantino- (Riga Feraiou str. 106). The workshop focuses on the adoption of new