Events documents


Communication Seminar – Bari

17 May 2019 – Fiera del Levante

Carmela Sfregola Information and communication rules

Enrico Olivieri Content management and Storytelling

Enrico Olivieri How to use the social media

Francesco Paolicelli Open data Links of useful website

Morena Ragone Are you compliant with GDPR


Communication Seminar – Ioannina

28 March 2019 – Hotel Politia

Dimitris Dimitriadis The use of social media

Carmela Sfregola Information and communication rules


Informative Seminar for First Level Controllers

Bari 18 dicembre 2018 – Fiera del Levante

Common FLC documents

Eligibility of the expenditures

The FLC in Italy


Seminar on Management Information System (MIS)

Athens 30 october 2018 – Bari 21 november 2018 – Thessaloniki 27 november 2108

MIS_General descriptionMIS_Project Funding Allocation Bulletin

MIS_Project Funding Allocation Bulletin

MIS_Declaration & First Level Control of Expenditures


Infodays on project implementation April 2018

Bari 17 April 2018 – Lecce 19 April 2018 – Patras 24 April 2018 – Preveza 26 April 2018

1. Project Implementation

 Katia Sagona Main features of the First call for Proposals

 Tina Ranieri_Dionysia Tamvaki Project Start-up and Monitoring

 Yiorgos Simos Project lifetime Adjustments and Modifications procedure

 Vasilis Gavrielides Commom mistakes during project implementation

2. Reporting procedure and reimbursement

Vasilis Gavrielides Financial flow timing and reimbusement procedure

Giuseppe Aprile Italian Financial Flow_En

Giuseppe Aprile Italian Financial Flow_Ita

3. Information and Communication

Information and communication measures

4. Compliance with the Italian National Registration

Francesco Cuddemi Compliance with the Italian National Legislation

5. Eligibility of expenditure

Giuseppe Gargano Eligibility of expenditure_focus on Italian Beneficiaries

MA Unit C Eligibility of expenditure

6. First Level Controller

Giuseppe Aprile Designation procedure of Italian First Level Control_EN

Giuseppe Aprile Designation procedure of Italian First Level Control_ITA

MA UNIT C Greek First Level Control Guidelines and Procedures